well fun....

Apparently someone at a, now former, workplace decided to spread some lies about me. All I know for certain is that the people in charge believe I sad something so reprehensible that it made them fear for the safety of their Trans actors. This is not something I do. A couple actors approached them and said that myself, and others, said these things. No word to me as to what it was I supposedly said ("not at liberty to say," I am told), just "You said something that made us fear for actor safety, give us your address and you are not welcome back."

I am a bit dismayed that I apparently gave off the impression that I would do such a thing, but not a whole lot I can do about it. I asked them to investigate further, they said they won't as they apparently have all the evidence they need and the decision is final.

Here's hoping the people who "came forward" will reveal that they were either mistaken or lied about the situation. I would like my name to be cleared, though the chance of that seems to be slim.